Online talks and practice sessions, June 2020

Zoom meeting Schedule  June 2020.

The theme for Sundays is The Four Foundations of Mindfulness and for Tuesdays is Bringing Joy and Inspiration into Our Lives.  The schedule is below with some indications of where to find the material for the talk/reading.

Tuesday Evenings: Topic – Bringing Joy and Inspiration into our Lives

9 June                Opening to the World – Joy and Inspiration, with Marian (Source JIEL)

16 June              Rousing Bodhichitta through Loving Kindness , with TBA (Source JIEL)

23 June              The Bravery of the Bodhisattva – Reading, with Phil (Source MoF)

Myth of Freedom – The Open Way

30 June              Discovering the Awakened Heart – Reading, with Anake (Source WtU)

Welcoming the Unwelcome pp 2-9


Sunday Mornings: Topic – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Source HotB)

7  June               Introduction and Mindfulness of Body, with Jesse

14 June              Mindfulness of Life, with Helen

21 June              Mindfulness of Effort, with Alex

28 June              Mindfulness of Mind, with Colin


*MoF: Myth of Freedom.   WtU: Welcoming the Unwelcome.

*JIEL: Joy in Everyday Life.  HotB: Heart of the Buddha

Tuesday evenings to date has consisted of a guided meditation followed by sitting followed by a 15 minute talk followed by a discussion.  They start at 7 pm and finish at 8 pm.

The upcoming Tuesday evening talks will be inspired by the Joy in Everyday Life series.   They are not part of that course so the talks can be varied quite a bit from the course material .

On Sundays we start with chants appropriate to the teachings followed by sitting practice and followed by a somewhat longer talk, discussion and then finish with sitting practice.  The sessions are from 10 am to 12 noon. These formats can be varied from week to week.