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Online talks and practice sessions April/May 2020

Given the challenges we are all currently facing, we have scheduled a series of talks and meditation sessions related to inspiring practice, upholding our Shambhala values and being friendly to ourselves and others.

Join us for any of the sessions below on this Zoom link.

We look forward to holding space with you during this intense opportunity to practice.

Tuesday Evenings (7-8pm)

21 April   Friendly to Oneself and Others   (with Marian Bond)

28 April   Nowness in Everyday Life   (with Alex Brennan)

5 May      Meeting Suffering with Gentleness, Nowness and Curiosity (with Colin Pratt)

12 May    Working with Emotions  (with Helen Bennett)

Sunday Mornings (10-12 noon)

26 April   Six Paramitas and Generosity                  (with Marian Bond)

3 May      Six Paramitas and Discipline                     (with Helen Bennett)

10 May    Six Paramitas and Patience                        (with Colin Pratt)

17 May    Six Paramitas and Exertion                         (with Alex Brennan)